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Pet Boarding at Rolling Hills Pet Hospital

Pet Boarding

You might love to take your pet with on your extended vacation, family reunion trip, business engagement or another outing -- but circumstances just won't allow for it. The last you want to is to spend your whole trip worrying about your beloved companion's physical and emotional well-being while you're away. That's why you'll want to look into the pet boarding services offered at Rolling Hills Pet Hospital. We're happy to provide high-quality veterinary boarding for pets in Chula Vista, Bonita, and Eastlake.

Why Your Pet Needs Professional Boarding Care

Pets sometimes seem more independent than they really are. You might think that your pet is content to receive a couple of meals and a few minutes of interaction a day from your friend or neighbor while you're traveling. But in fact, many pets experience severe loneliness and anxiety when they're left by themselves for many hours a day. These feelings can make them act depressed or even destructive. Pets who have known medical conditions require regular monitoring, ideally by a veterinary professional, so they can receive ongoing treatment or get immediate medical help as needed. Even healthy pets are safer when they're left in the attentive care of a veterinary boarding facility.

Our Pet Boarding Services, Rates, and Procedures

Rolling Hills Pet Hospital is proud to offer a full suite of veterinary boarding services to help your cat, dog, bird, rabbit, or exotic pet have a healthy, happy time until you can be reunited with him. Premium-quality meals, periodic potty breaks (3 times a day), daily fresh bedding, and comfortable, climate-controlled spaces make your visitors feel pampered -- while our on-site veterinarian makes sure that their health needs are being taken care of. But that's just the standard boarding service; we also offer a Luxury Suite that includes extra-spacious accommodations, daily treats, sunshine skylights, an aromatic calming diffuser, soothing music, 30 daily minutes of playtime and more.

Our daily boarding rates vary per accommodation size, from $19.75 (for cats) to $25 (for large dogs) or $45 for a Suite. Book a second pet in our Luxury Suite and you'll receive 10 percent off that purchase. For small additional fees, we can also administer medications and/or baths. You can check your pet in or out of our facility from 8 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday or from 8:30 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

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Ready to learn more about our pet boarding services? Call (619) 656-6400 today to get the details and book your pet's stay in his Chula Vista home away from home!

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