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Flea Control

Learn more about Prescription Flea Control at Rolling Hills Pet Hospital

For many years our clients have found satisfaction with our once a month flea and tick control medicines. These consistently outperform over the counter products and are safer, especially for cats. Flea shampoos and flea collars and sprays are usually a waste of time and money. There is no reason you and your pets need to suffer from flea and tick bites when effective, easy to use medicine is available here.

Protect your dog from those hungry fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Learn more about Vectra 3D treatment for your favorite pet by clicking here. For a limited time, buy 6 months and get 3 FREE months of Vectra 3D Flea/Tick preventative!

Flea Season is Here! Use These Helpful Flea Control Tips

Flea collars, pyrethrin sprays, and flea baths and dips are of limited help in controlling fleas. Many fleas are resistant to the old ingredients in these products. Newer flea control products such as the veterinarian-recommended once-a-month topical flea drops and pills are more effective. Hartz and Sentry and similiar products do not seem to work and we have seen harmful reactions such as seizures in some pets.

Some pet owners make the mistake of assuming topical flea treatments are not working because they still see fleas. Vectra and other effective topical flea treatments are likely working fine. The problem is the burden of fleas will continue to show up on your pet until they are eliminated from the enviroment.

Some assume fleas are a problem because they pets are itching. Fleas are a common cause for pets to itch yet there are many other causes. Have your pet examined and treated if they are itchy.

Treat all the dogs and cats on the premises with effective flea control.

If there are wild animals in the yard, they are likely a source of fleas for your pets. Do not attract wild animals by leaving pet food out.

If you have carpeted areas, treat them with Fleabuster powder. For outdoor areas there are sprays that can be used for flea control. Professional exterminators can be hired to help with fleas.

If you travel with your pet in the car, you should use Fleabuster powder on the car carpets.
Sentinel is an excellent adjunct treatment for fleas. It is a once-a-month pill that prevents fleas from being able to reproduce. Only 10% of the fleas are adults; the other 90% of the flea population is in the egg and larvae stage. Sentinel sterilizes fleas to eliminate the 90% of fleas in the egg and larval stage before they can mature and bite your pets. Sentinel also kills intestinal parasites (roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms) and prevents heartworm. No other pill does this much good for your pet.

For dogs, use Vectra flea drops and give a Sentinel pill every month. Vectra kills fleas and ticks and prevents mosquitoes and flies. Dr. Keith prevents fleas and parasites on and in his dog by using Vectra and Sentinel. Adult dogs should be heartworm negative on a simple blood test before starting Sentinel pills.

For cats, use Advantage Multi flea drops every month. This topical treatment kills fleas and clears out ear mites and intestinal roundworms and prevents heartworms.

Do NOT apply flea drops to your pet’s coat and then wash it off with a bath. If your pet needs to be groomed or bathed apply the drops AFTER they dry off from bathing. Dogs who swim frequently or go to the beach may lose a significant amount of the topical flea drops and a monthly oral flea pill will work better.

Capstar is a pill that kills fleas on dogs and cats within 20 minutes. It is a quick-kill pill with flea protection that only lasts 24 hours. It can be used along with Vectra, Sentinel and Advantage Multi flea treatments. For tough infestations give a Capstar pill every other day until no more fleas are seen.

When pets get fleas, they also get tapeworm intestinal parasites because fleas carry it. It is best to get the fleas under control, then get your pet treated for tapeworms. Pets who are allergic to flea bites will itch for weeks after the last flea bite. These pets should be treated so they are not miserably uncomfortable from flea bite allergy.

Rolling Hills Pet Hospital can provide you with Vectra, Advantage Multi, Sentinel, and Capstar flea medicines, and Fleabuster powder for premise treatment.

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