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Pet Exams

Our Rolling Hills Animal Hospital Discusses the Importance of Senior Pet Exams

If you only visit a veterinarian when your pet gets sick, you’re missing out. Regular checkups from Rolling Hills Animal Hospital can help keep your pet well. Through regular pet exams, your veterinarian can detect signs of illness in your pet early on, so he can get immediate treatment. Senior pets, in particular, need regular exams as they’re more susceptible to disease. Semiannual exams can help preserve your senior pet’s health.

Discusses the Importance of Senior Pet Exams


Importance of Senior Pet Exams   

As your pet ages, he’ll grow more vulnerable to health problems and diseases due to a weaker immune system. Age can make him more susceptible to dental problems, periodontal disease and chronic conditions that can severely impair his health. Regular pet exams help reduce the risks of health issues by giving your vet a platform to detect, diagnose and treat health problems in their early stages. Early detection improves your pet’s chances of successful treatment. If treatment isn’t possible, your vet can at least delay the progression of the disease so your pet doesn’t suffer unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Signs of Illness

As your pet grows older, you’re bound to notice changes in his health and lifestyle. Your once frisky pup or kit may become more subdued. He may suffer problems with his hearing, vision, and mobility due to stiffness or pain in his joints. He may even develop chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart or kidney disease.

Here are some common signs of age-related sicknesses and diseases:

    • Loss of appetite
    • Weight loss
    • Inability to control bowels resulting in toileting accidents
    • Difficulty rising from a lying position/difficulty walking and climbing stairs
    • Disorientation
    • Bad breath; bleeding gums
    • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • Body odors
    • Lethargy/change in sleep habits

If your pet starts experiencing these symptoms, seek help from your vet on how to handle his condition.

Preventative Care

Preventative pet care can’t stop your pet from aging, but it can help your pet have a healthier, happier life as he enters his senior years. Preventative healthcare includes regular pet exams, routine screenings for chronic conditions and lifestyle modifications to help your pet adjust to aging.  

During a physical exam, we’ll examine all aspects of your pet’s body for signs of abnormalities, parasites, or diseases. We’ll check your dog’s hearing, vision, teeth, body systems, muscle tone, and joints. We’ll test your pet’s blood and urine for signs of infection, liver problems or diabetes.

By detecting chronic illnesses in their early stages, your pet can get immediate treatment that can heal or slow down his symptoms. Early medical care can improve your pet’s quality of life in his senior years.

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