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Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations from Our Chula Vista Veterinarian

We love our pets. That’s why it’s very important to make sure to keep up on their health. With so many substances out there and so many risks that your pets are exposed to, you must do all that you can to prevent disease, sickness, and other health problems. One of the leading ways to ensure long-lasting health for your precious animals involves vaccinations. Vaccines help aid the immune system in fighting off illnesses. Especially in the first few months after birth, there are many vaccines that your pet should receive. In order to provide the best treatment for your pet, it’s important that you understand what these vaccines are and when your pet should receive them. 

Vaccinations for pets

Core Vaccines for Your Dog or Cat

Although there are some vaccines that some professionals consider optional, there are a few core vaccines that are mandatory for your pet’s health. For dogs, vaccines for canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis, and rabies are the core vaccines. For cats, vaccines for panleukopenia (feline distemper), feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus type I (rhinotracheitis), and rabies are considered the core vaccines. In order to ensure that your pet lives a long and happy life, make sure to stay on top of these vaccinations. 

When to Receive Pet Vaccinations

You should always talk to a trusted veterinarian about the timing of your pet's vaccinations. When a puppy or kitten is first born, the mother’s milk provides many antibodies for their babies. Starting at six to eight weeks of age, your puppy or kitten should start to receive vaccines. These vaccinations should take place in three to four-week intervals, with the final dose being administered at 16 weeks of age. As for vaccinations for adult pets, we recommend talking to your veterinarian about the best course of action. Depending on your pet and their immune system, an annual shot may be recommended, or a shot every few years.

Different Life Stages

Although it’s important to administer vaccines during the first few months of your pet’s life, having vaccinations throughout their life is also important. Over time, your pet will be exposed to many different elements. While they’re exposed to these elements, it may affect their immune system. Even if your pet might not appear to be ill, they can have some issues in their immune system. If you’re not sure when your pet received their last vaccination, be sure to call a reliable veterinarian. 

Rolling Hills Pet Hospital 

If you’re looking for pet vaccinations in the Chula Vista, CA area, then Rolling Hills Pet Hospital is the company to call. We are proud to carry the following vaccinations:

    • Distemper & Parvovirus
    • Rabies 
    • Canine Bordetella
    • Rattlesnake 
    • Lyme Tick
    • Feline Leukemia 
    • And more!

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