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We provide complete pet vaccinations for dogs and cats at an affordable price.

We practice recent recommendations that canine Distemper & Parvovirus vaccinations are able to provide at least 3 years of protection after initial puppy series. The same is true for feline Distemper (panleukopenia) vaccination. Our Rabies vaccine also provides a 3 year duration of protection in pets older than one year.

Our Canine Bordetella vaccine is a needle-free nose drop and provides protection in 2 days (injectable vaccine requires longer than 2 weeks to provide immunity). This fast acting vaccine is important for pets who are traveling or boarding on short notice.

Other disease protection options includes the Rattlesnake Vaccine, Lyme Tick Vaccine, Feline Leukemia Vaccine. These vaccines are given based on life styles and possible exposure risks.

If you are wary about over vaccinating, blood tests can be used to determine if your pet has adequate immunity from past vaccinations. Vaccine Titer tests are available for distemper, parvovirus, and rabies vaccine immunity levels. Please discuss details of titer testing at your doctor visit.

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